24 Mayıs 2013 Cuma


IO Input/Output was formed by five young artists* living and producing in Izmir. This initiative was a result of the problem of non-institutional expression and lack of venues in self representation of the artists in Izmir after graduating from the Academy.
The main reason for the foundation of the venue was the lack in the number of possible alternate ones, working organized networks and out of field discussion platforms in term of art. IO aims to be the meeting point of people who produce or are interested in art beside the academic/institutional organizations that act as a source for art in Izmir. 
In 2000’s, a small number of traditional galleries of low effectiveness and new movements and venues acting as alternatives for the current day art (K2, 49/A, Agora) hosted important discussion sessions and exhibitions. We can say that these alternate organizations with sharper tongue, deeper content and collective events compared to today, acted as important foundations on which the future structures of similar sort were formed. We can also say this was the factor for them to become unique to Izmir. There are only a couple active venues in Izmir that enable artistic movements and information flow – and they took their reference from these very foundations lead by artists themselves. IO strives for the unison of these organizations and aims a collective conscious in every act between them. For this reason, IO provides a small but well formed collective event area providing intense experiences for small budgets** .
As could be gathered from its name, input/output is a project venue for collecting data, sending it through the circuit and getting results. It is an independent platform that feeds on its surroundings and carries the will to add value to these dynamics.
Being a venue that lets anyone be connected to others, IO is not a disclosed initiative but a project space created by five young artists sharing one vision. In pursuit of a place where young artists can strengthen their bonds between them, this venue operates with no financial concern – thus with no support from an institution or a financial foundation.